Fat Kitchen Pipes (Cylindrical)
  • Allthough the Fat Kitchen Pipes are clearly conical, it 's a good idea to make these simple bagpipes with a cylindrical bored chanter.
    The result is a bagpipe that is more soft and more stable than the conical pipes.
    It is even lower priced - an ideal beginners instrument!
  • Pipes in D: Chanter: (c#)d' - d" - Drone: d
  • Pipes inF are made in 3 sizes:

    Soprano Chanter: (e')f' - f" - Drone: f
    Alto (hummelchen) Chanter: c' - d" (played in f) Drone: f
    Tenor Chanter: (e)f - f' - Drone: F

  • Made of American maple
  • Price: € 340; The tenor in F: € 400