Welcome to this website.

It's more or less a catalog of the early bagpipes and renaissance woodwind instruments I make.
There are two groups of bagpipes:

- Copies and reconstructed instruments, based on historical evidence.

The Fat Kitchen Pipes, sober instruments, made in maple for a rather low price

You can hear my instruments on many recordings, including these of the "Ensemble Anonymus" of Québec, "Piffaro, the renaissance band" from Philladelphia, The New York's Ensemble for early music, and the "Catharina Consort" from Tokyo.
My musettes can be heard on several recordings with Jean-Pierre Van Hees and, played by myself, on the recording of Scylla et Glaucus by J.E. Gardiner.


At this moment my delivery time is about one and a half year, for the small fat kitchen pipes often a little less, but please remember I make everything with my hands, and I only have two.

Only for the instruments above € 1365($1225) I ask a deposit of 10%.

It's no problem to send the instruments all over the world by post.



For traditional French and Brueghel pipes:
For Hümmelchen courses in Germany (where I teach):
For bagpipe courses in Holland: